Consulting Business leadership is not an option for small and large businesses alike. The ability to plan and execute new strategies can be a daunting and risky proposition for many companies and adding our talents for your growth strategy could be the key to your success. The leadership of our firm has experience in commercial and government. In many cases customers need our services ad-hoc and we provide short term assistance for marketing, finance, technology and operations support.
Designing We provide talented consultants when creating our clients products. We have print, web and 3D designers who create the user interface elements and collateral content for our clients. Just as it is for architects and designers, every project we do is different from the next, and the cost involved depends entirely on the work involved. With most clients we provide a no-nonsense guaranteed maximum price estimate for projects, and bill for actual time used up to that point. Costs will not exceed unless there is a significant change in the design along the way, and spending time up-front to communicate with you helps to improve the accuracy of our estimates.
Programming World class products always combine the best of design and programming into a set of software solutions. The experience we have in building products begins with our solid process and combines the use of the right language and operating systems. We have deep experience in building cloud, server, desktop and mobile software platforms. Contact an Account Executive today to learn more about our talented group of software developers
Training Many of our solutions require training and services for deployment of a successful solution. We design products and teach customers how to use these solutions effectively. Many of our clients rely on us to maintain the code and enhance the solutions but want to take control of the day to day operation. We promote this interaction for our clients by making sure they have the right tools to maintain and improve solutions we build up to the point where they are comfortable. Our training team can provide a set of courses for your staff and in most cases come onsite to the client location for the roll out of a new solution.
Help Desk What you do after a product or service is released to a client is as important as how you produce the solution. Key to adoption of technologies and applications alike is the support of the customer and users of the software. We understand how the adoption of technology depends on technical and day to day support of the enterprise. We can provide a support package that meets your needs on short and long term contract basis. This can be as simple as e-mail and phone support to more complex service level agreements combining e-mail, phone and onsite support. We are commonly asked to support vendors which provide services by managing and handling complex