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The ability to view and test engineering assumptions has become a requirement for most engineering groups. Our unique capabilities have provided our teammates with insight and cost savings before building in the real world. The U.S. military is undergoing a major policy shift in its approach to training and education. Our team builds and supports products for simulation to solve problems in the real world before program managers loose time for performance. TEG can help provide your engineering support group tools to accomplish the mission on time and budget. We are seeking relationships with Prime Contractors who can utilize our team for their projects. We have excellent qualifications to provide our sponsors for their next contract proposal. Please contact us today.

Interactive Training

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated(CMMI) method describes the requirements, activities, and practices associated with the processes that compose the development methods used by our team. We create level 3 simulation based on the CMMI training methodology. TEG products are used by military clients for certification of service members and staff. Our fully interactive training tools combine 3D interactive panels, panoramic photography and curriculum based testing tools to create next generation training systems for the US military. Learn more about our COTS training systems and how we can apply our software engineering process management system for your next project. Learn more about our process.

3D Modeling & Animation We have extensive experience in modeling from CAD or drawings. Our team has worked on many projects involving training, simulation, modeling, and custom product development. Whether you need a basic model, a control panel or a jet engine training simulation our team can help. We have extensive qualifications from the DoD community available upon request.