General Technical Contractor

GTC© – If you've contracted technical consulting services before, you've probably experienced inconsistent quality, production delays and a lack of flexibility about your evolving business requirements. You can't make the decisions that way. Our firm is often called upon as expert ad-hoc executive and manager at all levels of commercial and government. As a General Technical Contractor® we can act as your single point of contact for managing the entire scope of work and allow us to assemble the best talent to complete the production of your next project. What is our process?

Research Process Research – In an effort to build easily operated websites, mobile applications and desktop applications, it is important to determine the purpose and target audience. Research and analysis techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, should be used to accomplish the goal of functional, design and testing specifications.

  • Information Architecture – Categorizing information into an interface with a structure that allows for coherent streams of useful and relevant information to the user.
  • Interaction Design – Nowadays, most of websites and applications are interactive – that's because the web is an interactive medium. We use HTML prototyping, but also old school tools, such as pen and paper, white board and video to capture and design goals to meet and exceed a customer vision.
  • Prototyping – Test solutions on real users for utilization to find missing requirements and ensure our specification documents meets all the client requirements.
Production Process

Production – The goal is to transform ideas into a useful, remarkable multimedia products that communicate and interact with the audience in the most effective way. You must understand the users' requirements, needs, and attitudes. The goal is to make user-friendly visual communication which is elegant, clear, and easy to use. We produce websites, eLearning products, applications and simulation solutions based on this foundation..

  • User Experience Design – There is not a single step in making software and web content, rather it is a stairway with Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Usability and User Interface Design as its stairs. This stairway leads your project from an initial concept to the product which users want to use.
  • User Interface Design – The UI Designer's job is to make user's interaction as simple and ergonomic in a manner the users want to adopt it.
  • Graphic Design and Art Direction – Understanding the adoption curve is key to successful Art Direction and the success of software or web application..
  • Software Engineering – Coding the user interface, database engine, file system and network elements of the scope of work with high performance and scalability techniques is key to long term viability and success.
  • Review – Scope Review – Testing - Customer Comment Periods - Release Cycles